EnterMaker is a community for makers who will create whole new entertainment in this IOT era.
As you may know, primitive plays had transformed to video games by computers.
And network games had begun from them with growth of internet technologies.
Now that everything in thw world are changing their forms via network linking,
we will create whole new entertainment by combining, reacting and augmenting real games and virtual games.

Our Products
Nel-Con is a huge size controller built in an air bed.
You can operate video games by rolling your body on the bed.
We will exhibit Nel-Con at the Yamaguchi Mini Maker Faire
from September 19th to 20th in Yamaguchi, Japan.
Dream Airline
A geme for Nel-Con.
If you play this game in the evening,
you may have a calm sleep in the night.
A geme for Nel-Con.
Please play this game in the morning,
and have a fun and energetic day!

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